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millionth adj : the ordinal number of one million in counting order


1 position 1,000,000 in a countable series of things
2 one part in a million [syn: one-millionth]

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  1. The ordinal form of the number one million.

Derived terms

  • (abbreviations) 1,000,000th, 1,000,000th (also written without commas, or, in technical usage with a thin space replacing each comma)




  1. The person or thing in the millionth position.
  2. One of a million equal parts of a whole. Term ppm (parts per million) is also used.


Extensive Definition

One millionth is equal to 0.000 001, or 1 x 10-6 in scientific notation. It is the reciprocal of a million, can be also written as 1/1 000 000. Units using this fraction can be indicated using the prefix "micro-" from Greek, meaning "small". Numbers of this quantity are expressed in terms of µ (the Greek letter mu).
It is also the ordinal that comes after the nine hundred, ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred, ninety-ninth and before the million and first.
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